Logan Witte

logan-inside Logan Witte is a musician and up-and-coming recording engineer originally from the Detroit area.  After moving to Adrian, MI at a young age, Logan began his musical training as early as eight years old, learning to play the guitar.  By the time he was twelve, he had already played in front of an audience of a thousand people.  Nearly three years later, he began playing bass, and not long afterward, formed and fronted a punk rock band, with two high school friends, that performed various shows around the county.  Sadly, this group was to be fairly short-lived, as their drummer was moving to attend college, and after about a year, the band split up.  With no other people in the area to form a band, Logan decided to expand his horizons by learning to play the drums and taking an audio production class at the local ISD Center.  Under the teaching of Pete Bishop, Logan was able to learn the essentials of audio recording and production.

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