Live Sound

Explore the acoustical, musical, and technical aspects of the live performance, in order to learn how to present the best possible sound to the audience. You will study, evaluate, and compare several different live and studio recordings in order to establish a point of reference for your own mix choices. LearnĀ instrument sounds, microphones, equalization, and dynamics processing.

OurĀ goal is to enable you to build your own mixes and use what you’ve learned to conform to a high standard for sonic quality, blend, and authenticity.

We can teach you how to:

  • Identify important considerations regarding music, including the identification of the types of sounds that work well in a professional mix
  • Apply logistical and managerial techniques to help manage equipment, setup teams, and road crews
  • Achieve excellent vocal sounds for various styles, genres, and acoustical environments
  • Use microphone technique, equalization, effects, and dynamics processing to build excellent piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, and percussion sounds so they function well together
  • Build a high-quality mix that is appropriate for a wide variety of age groups, stylistic preferences, and acoustical environments
  • Identify special considerations for recording the live sound.