Board of Directors

small board

Peter Bishop, President/Director.

Peter Bishop is an artist with industry experience spanning more than 25 years in record production, touring, songwriting, music, film, video, graphic and motion animation, artist representation, live production, and event production. Peter has been mentoring artists for 12 years.  Artists he has mentored have gone on to be award winning songwriters, independent filmmakers and touring musicians. Peter has played on, written on or produced well over 500 albums. In 1995 he won independent songwriter of the year. Peter has built and owned three commercial recording studios.

Eric Wagler, Vice President.

Eric is a musician, songwriter, composer as well as a music business entrepreneur. Eric started his journey by forming a band back in 1996 and since then he has released 6 albums, toured nationally and internationally, and co-founded Go-DIY in an effort to help the independent musician.

Ryan Wagler, Officer

Ryan is an accomplished songwriter, producer and music entrepreneur.  As lead songwriter for the group Trenchtown.  Ryan has written and recorded over 100 songs some of which have been placed with national ad agencies as well as a few tracks placed with 2K sports MLB2K11 video game.  Ryan is also a CPA and handles all accounts for Go-DIY, as well as lead creative director and occasional in house composer.

Ben Mitchell, Officer

Ben has been art teacher at Hudson schools in Michigan for over a decade. A teacher and prolific artist Ben has worked as a freelancer designer with multiple organizations. Ben has also worked as an adjunct professor of design at Jackson College.

Rich Behnke, Officer

Rich has been a working musician and businessman for more than three decades. A studio owner and working live sound engineer Rich brings real world experience to our mentoring programs.

Marcos Garcia, Officer

Marcos is a drummer and live sound engineer with more than 25 years of industry experience. Marcos has toured professionally with such bands as the Katina’s and Third Day and has worked at some of the largest churches in our country. Marcos has deep knowledge of all aspects of live event sound including pre and postproduction.

Jacob Rye, Officer

Jacob is the bassist for major label artist Sanctus Real a Music Producer, Engineer, Mixer and published songwriter. Jacob has over 15 years of major label record making and touring experience. Jacob was mentored by Peter and grew up in our community.  Jacob has worked on records and projects all over the world. Jacob has built and run two professional recording studios and is beginning his third.

Dr. Gary Gray, Officer

Gary received his initial education as a physical therapist in the mid-1970s. He immediately pursued additional training as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and as a strength and conditioning coach. Realizing the common thread of creating transformational environments to enhance the lives of others being the science of movement, he developed the discipline of Applied Functional Science®. With his ongoing passion and mission of learning and sharing more, and with the goal of educating, empowering, and encouraging others through an appreciation of the wonderfully and fearfully made human body, Dr. Gray established the Gray Institute. Gary is a pillar of business and ethics in our community.

Logan Witte

Artist In Residence

logan-inside Logan Witte is a musician and up-and-coming recording engineer originally from the Detroit area.  After moving to Adrian, MI at a young age, Logan began his musical training as early as eight years old, learning to play the guitar.  By the time he was twelve, he had already played in front of an audience of a thousand people.  Nearly three years later, he began playing bass, and not long afterward, formed and fronted a punk rock band, with two high school friends, that performed various shows around the county.  Sadly, this group was to be fairly short-lived, as their drummer was moving to attend college, and after about a year, the band split up.  With no other people in the area to form a band, Logan decided to expand his horizons by learning to play the drums and taking an audio production class at the local ISD Center.  Under the teaching of Pete Bishop, Logan was able to learn the essentials of audio recording and production.

Peter Bishop


petein-studioAs a creative, Pete Bishop strives to serve the people and the project. His desire to grow and to learn is constant. In his 20 plus years of production and engineering experience, Pete has managed to cross the lines into every genre of production. As an engineer, producer or songwriter Pete’s fingerprints mark over 100 records. He’s owned recording studios, worked for video production companies on independent and major films, toured as a musician, and spent over the last decade producing live events for audiences of up to 3000.